Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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This free ebook is dedicated to Lindsey Baum. We hope you will use the tips presented here as part of your family's plan to stay safe. Feel free to print out as many copies as you want and hand them out to parents, teachers, babysitters and everyone else who works with children.

"There are days (most) when I don’t think I could miss Lindsey
more, or hurt any worse, and then tomorrow comes and I see
that I was wrong – If only I had known that my daughter wasn’t
safe and if only I could have taught her more ways to protect
herself I’d have my baby, my movie buddy, home with me
tonight" … Melissa Baum

Life changed for us on 6-26-2009 here in the little town of McCleary, WA, my daughters’ 10 year old best friend – a much loved regular in our home, went missing. Her name is Lindsey Baum and the tragedy that surrounds her story is also what has united many of the authors that have contributed to this book.

Lindsey’s short walk home should have taken her 7 minutes but that 7 minutes has turned in to an excruciatingly long 4 weeks as of the compilation of this book. The fear, anxiety, flagging hopes and sadness are intensified each day that passes with no news and no new developments. The not knowing haunts us daily and we are left with little more than our hope, sleepless nights, what if's and a hard lesson learned – one we pray we get a second chance at.

On 07-07-2009, my family spent the day with Lindsey’s family as we held an emotional
gathering to acknowledge Lindsey’s 11th birthday that she was not with us to celebrate. We think back on things now and had we only known and talked with our kids about a lot of what you will find in this book – we may not be where we are today and Lindsey could be home with us right now.

When this took place I turned for help and support from my fellow eHow writers and what I got was exactly what I had asked for, but it did not stop there – their love and support spilled over and together they united and created a way to not only support me and Lindsey, but to also educate you. This book will help guide and educate you, and your children, about child abduction and what child(ren) might be able to do should they ever be kidnapped and try to get
away from their attacker.

Read this book, talk to your children, educate them and then hug them extra tight each night. Do whatever you must to make sure you never, ever understand how we feel.
Kara Kampen

10 year old Lindsey Baum disappeared from her hometown of McCleary, WA on June 26th, 2009 as she was walking home from a friends house a few blocks away.**Please note Lindsey turned 11 on July 7th 2009.


Height: 4 feet 9 inches tall
Weight: 85 pounds
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Personality: Outgoing

Area Last Seen:

Heading East down Maple Street
Wearing: Blue Jeans with Rips in the Knees
Blue Long Sleeve Hooded Shirt
Black Slip on Cloth Tennis Shoes


Grays Harbor Police operations center at 800-281-6944

Grays Harbor County Information Hot-line (Tip line) (866) 915-8299

Grays Harbor County E911 Dispatch Center (360) 533-8765 (out of county)

McCleary Police (360) 495-3107 or EMAIL

Mail Information to:
Police Department
P.O. Box 305
McCleary, WA 98557

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who contributed to this project.

The map we have on the bottom right hand corner shows where our visitors are coming from. This is great, but it appears the data changes. We have had visitors from Africa, Iraq, New Zealand and England! WOW! Now that is seriously getting the word out there and bringing Lindsey to the attention of the world!

To our visitors from other countries, thank you for stopping in and reading about Lindsey and please feel free to use the book! It doesn't matter what country a child lives in, they need to be safe.

Lindsey's picture and a slight blurb about her and the book are being featured on eHow's blog. Congrats to eHow for joining the same rank as RedGage by stepping up to help the community.

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